Enjoy a healthy plant-based diet throughout your stay

At the Clarity Retreat we are very firm believers in celebrating a plant based diet.


Now, before you switch off and think, ‘oh no here comes the vegan nonsense’ - let us explain.


A plant based diet is so much more and many people have different reasons for trying something new. Our reasons, are the benefits your body will go through and the transformation you will feel.


Here in Spain we have some of the freshest and finest ingredients there are and many are grown right on our doorstep. In fact, this region of Spain grows some of the finest fruit and vegetables around.  When you drive to the retreat, through the local countryside, you pass many pomegranate and orange trees.


We get asked a lot of questions like… Can I still eat; bread or pasta on a plant based diet and the answer is yes. We are simply cutting out unrefined sugar, meat and dairy ‘as you know it’.  You won't believe the benefits your body will feel in just a few days.


A plant based diet is a colourful mix of vegetables, pulses, potatoes and soya products including delicious deserts and so much more..


The health benefits of eating this way and changing your lifestyle are quite amazing.


With research suggesting these small changes can reverse many things like heart disease, diabetes and are even believed to have certain benefits in the fight against cancer.  And say goodbye to feeling bloated and say hello to a happy tummy.


When you change your diet to plant foods, you’re packing your diet with the fibre, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and basically everything your body needs.


During your stay you will have your meals prepared for you with the freshest ingredients.   It doesn't just stop at our delicious meals!  We even grow our own lemons at the Clarity Retreat and some of these are used in our famous home made lemonade, along with other fresh fruit juices and low sugar based drinks.


We believe your plate should be a rainbow of colour and full of flavour, and that's what we promise here at the Clarity Retreat.


Open your mind and taste buds to a new way of eating and drinking, and enjoy some of the tasty treats our local Spanish markets have to offer.


There's always a big bowl of fresh seasonal local fruits for you to have in between meals so just help yourself. 


Our favourite time of the year is May to July, when the local cherries are in abundance because we just can't get enough of them.


So prepare your taste buds for some amazing delicious fresh dishes and happier body.

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