Who Are We?

The clarityretreat has been created by the founders of the renowned claritywellbeing clinic, and Ryan Vigor-Justin at claritytherapy.  With years of experience within the field of counselling and psychotherapy, helping clients overcome their troublesome issues, the clarityretreat opened its doors in April 2019.

About the clarity retreat...

Let’s be honest - life can get busy!  As a result it's not uncommon for us to experience things like burn-out, anxiety, depression as well as a whole host of other troublesome issues.  Our mind, body and soul may need time to step away and find a way to recoup.


We have a very simple, but effective way, of helping you achieve the true tranquility and peace you are so desperately searching for.  What better place to do it than right here in the Spanish sunshine. Nested in the countryside of in the Province of Alicante, Costa Blanca, you will find the Clarity Retreat. 


Our wellbeing programme has been designed with you in mind, by a trained therapist with years of experience. The philosophy is simple - peace and quiet, sunshine, beautiful surroundings, no alcohol, structured therapeutic work, a mindfulness programme and healthy diet - all within an intimate and nourishing environment. 


Because this is an alcohol free environment our programme is ideal for those who have suffered from alcohol, drug or other addictions .  However we have clients who also just appreciate the environment and what it has to offer.  For our clients who are in recovery, the Clarity Retreat is a perfect place to relax, unwind and access the support you deserve.  

Meet our team

The team here at the retreat is made up of professionals from within their chosen field of expertise.

We have qualified counsellors and psychotherapists on site, as well as mindfulness coaches, yoga teachers and massage practitioners - all here to take good care of you during your stay. And, our qualified chef will prepare each and every meal for you. 


All of our team are trained and experienced in delivering the services we offer to you.  We promise to provide you with the best possible service at every step of your journey, during your stay.

ryan vigor-justin counsellor & psychotherapist clarity retreat

Ryan VJ

Co-Founder, Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Ryan has years of experience helping 1000's of clients overcome the challenges of their mental health. He supports clients with substance misuse, anxiety and depression, bereavement and loss and difficulties surrounding gender and sexuality,  as well as a variety of other difficulties.  Ryan oversees the therapeutic aspect of your stay here at the Clarity Retreat. 

scott vigor-justin mindfulness coach & chef clrity retreat

Scott VJ

Co-Founder, Mindfulness Coach & Chef

Scott is our resident mindfulness coach, teaching our guests the skill of meditation, mindfulness and the practice of self-awareness. He is also the chef here at the retreat. Scott trained at the North Warwickshire college and had residency at the Park Lane Hilton in London.  

rianna mculloch yoga teacher and reiki practitioner clarity retreat


Resident Yoga Teacher

Rianna is our expert resident 'Yogi'.  She is trained in various yoga types, including Kundalini and Yin Yoga.  Rianna is also our resident Reiki master.  Rianna takes care of your yoga and Reiki experiences here at the Clarity Retreat.

juliette memmott massage treatments clarity retreat


Resident Beauty & Holistic's Practitioner 

Juliette is our resident masseur with over 20 years experience. Juliette offers Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage and Hot Stone Therapy. 



Resident Therapy Companion

Karen is our resident therapy companion.  She is a three years old French Bulldog and is the sweetest, most caring little dog you are likely to meet. 

She specialises in cuddles and has a neck for knowing when you need them.

Our Location

The Clarity Retreat is set just outside of the town of Catral, in the region of Vega Baja del Segura.  Nestled amongst farmland and rural villas, we are only 15 minutes away from local amenities.  Far enough away to have some ‘you time’ with only the sound of crickets chirping once the sun has set.


We are only 15 minutes away from natural park land, like the famous Parque Natural el Hondo, or the tranquil Moroccan Tea Gardens of Crevillente.


This part of Spain in renowned for having fantastic cycle routes, cutting through the stunning countryside and draws cycling enthusiasts from far and wide.

So why not take one of our complimentary mountain bikes and take a ride around the area, enjoying this beautiful Spanish countryside.  And, if you want a more comprehensive tour of the area, we can arrange for a cycle guide to take you further afield. 


Catral really does have it all!  With the real flavour of Spain and only 35 minutes away from Alicante airport.

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The Clarity Retreat, Costa Blanca Spain.

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Camino Arroba de Hornos, 03158, Catral.

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